Abir Abedin Khan

I am Abir Abedin Khan. I am from Bangladesh and my nationality Bangladeshi. I was born in 21 November,2007. My dream was to make search engine and the dream is complete. My father has a computer training center. Which is known by Babul Computer. It is work in all language. Please,guys support me. To develop my SearchBD search engine.It was made in 25 January,2020. When I heard about the search engine of the brothers at my father's computer training center, I was interested in the mind. If I can create a search engine myself, then people will talk about me.This search engine is built with HTML and Java. It is made for the people of that country. I would like to become a software engineer in the future.I got idea about programming language from the training center brothers. I also try to get ideas from YouTube and various books. Success comes at a time when you have to try. I uploaded my search engine to the blog. From here anyone can use it. If you wanna learn how make many type of program. For that I am for you. I have a YouTube channel. Where I teach many type of programing language. Here is the link : youtube channel

What is a search engine?

The thing that is most needed to find something in this current Internet age is search engine. The search engine plays the most important role in making the required search appear on the skin. In most cases, we choose Google as a search engine. Because it has already occupied a large position as the largest search engine. There are also Yahoo, Bing etc.

Pipilika is the first search engine in Bangladesh. Able to work in both Bangla and English languages. It was created by a group of young students of Shahjalal Science and Technology University in the 21st.